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One of this hot proffessor’s dumb students thinks it’s a good idea to break into her home while she’s working and steal back his test that he knows he failed. She’s so fucking horny at the moment that she’d rather him fuck his own teacher with his big dick than punish him.

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Johnny goes into his Professot’s classroom to ask her a question related to her course: is the average female attracted to younger men more than older men ? He does some hands-on field work to find the answer himself, eating her pussy and fucking his teacher until he makes his discovery: yes.

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Tyler makes a move on his busty professor. She is shocked, but after some convincing she’s all for fucking her favorite student.

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This teacher caught her student helping his friend cheat on her test and brings him to have a small talk about what they are going to do as a punishment. He understands he can’t win in this situation and the only way for him to get out of it is if he lets her have her way with him.

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These teachers have had enough of Johnny’s shenanigans, but they made a promise to his parents that they would help him out at school. They have finally had enough and think he should repay them for all they put up with, so they have him repay them with his cock.

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